Friday, November 28, 2008

10,000 visits Thank you from the 24 hours staff

Before we all sat down for our holiday fest and crawled over to the couch to watch some horrible afternoon football our little site here hit a milestone of sorts.

We registered our 10,000 visit to our 24 hours site dedicated to our love to the New York Mets. That number to us in our little heads is a large number to grasp. We especially want to send a shout out to the guys over in Iraq who have checked out our site when they had a little down time.

Just want send out a thank you to the readers of this site who over the last 5 months have taken time out of there busy days to spend a little time reading and sometimes actually commenting about what we had to say about our beloved team.

We had talked about doing a site/blog for some time and then finally just created it 1 day and since that day have enjoyed writing and chatting about our favorite team.

Thanks again and the staff at 24 hours looks forward to giving you more of our rants and our spin on the heart and soul of the New York Mets. The only team that matters when it comes to baseball in New York

1 comment:

metsfan73 said...

Well said. And for my 2 cents worth, it has been a great joy. As my wife has always said of me, "everyone's entitled to my opinion."

Here's to another 10,000 viewers!