Monday, November 10, 2008

Mets from years past get together in New Jersey.Mets Convention 08

This weekend there was a huge gathering of former Met players featuring players from the 1962 ,1969, and 1986 Mets at the Crown Plaza hotel in New Jersey. Players like Roger Craig, Don Zimmer, Jay Hook, Jim Hickman from the 1962 Mets. From 1969 you saw Jerry Koosman, Tom Seaver, Cleon Jones, Jerry Grote,Ron Swoboda, Ken Boswell. From the 86 Mets you had all the stars like Keith Hernandez, Darryl Strawberry, Ron Darling, Howard Johnson, Gary Carter.
All in all there were upwards of 50 Mets roaming the halls between Saturday and Sunday.
Saturday there was a dinner where 200 Mets fans were able to chat with Mets and Gary Carter held the introductions. From what I was told people really had a good time chatting it up with there favorite Mets and taking photos.
I made it over to the Secaucus, NJ hotel on Sunday to check the scene out as well as hang with friends to watch the Jet game. No soon after walking in the hotel I literally bumped into Ron Swoboda. The man was more then apologetic and can chat up a storm. I really just wanted to take in the scene without getting rapped up into the entire autograph deal. I was just content just to see these guys in the flesh. Well after seeing 1 guy drop $400.00 to get autographs I was like we are in a recession?
The players autograph sessions were staggered throughout the day. Some of the old timers were early in the day. I of course was not around when the Mets started playing in 1962 so I thought I would enjoy chatting up some of the older players. I have to tell that most of the older guys were more then cordial signing items as well as inscribing them. Of course getting paid helps. Well I think Jay Hook would have done it for nothing. The Man who give the Mets there first victory was more then willing to talk and tell you what he remember about the 1962 Season. He actually mentioned that in that 1962 season the Mets players even in the middle of all the loses piling up, went out there and brushed it off and started the next day with the expectation to win. Professionals to the core.

The Met fans I think really enjoyed spending the time meeting and spending time with some of there Met hero's. Not sure if anyone has Doug Sisk as a hero though.

After spending some time in the ballroom I retired to the bar area and watched the Jet game with some friends. When the Jets had the ball close to the Rams goal line and Brett Farve handing the ball off one of the patrons at the bar was talking it up how he thought Farve should have passed it. Of course at that point I realized it was Kevin Elster. What a fun day.


metsfan73 said...

Great job! I wish I could have been there.

Did you see Grote?

Long Island Met Fan said...

Grote might have left before I arrived on sunday. I did speak to someone who saw him and he said he was very friendly to the fans. Guess age mellowed the guy

OCMetFan65 said...

Mitch - Great site, met ya at the bar watching the Jet game (sitting next to your buddy Mike). Funny comment about Elster, I remember him saying that! It was a great weekend for Mets fans, lets see what Santa brings us for the bullpen! Got ya bookmarked...