Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mets hot stove Rumors Putz, Millwood and Padilla?

Ok I hope something happens soon in the Mets quest for upgrading pitching . When you see a rumor that the Mets might be showing interest in Kevin Millwood and Vincent Padilla you know that someone is pulling your leg. At least you hope they are. The Mets always seem linked to Padilla. He was 14-8 with a ERA just under 5 last year . Millwood who seems to be always available every off season was 9-10. Lets leave these guys for other teams.

The Mets are still making news on there interest for reliever J J Putz due to his salary being very reasonable.

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******Mets trade for J J Putz see posts of 12-10***********

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metsfan73 said...

I agree. I have never thought much of Millwood nor Padilla. If Milwood is so good/great, why has he been on as many teams as Todd Zeile?

Good Post!