Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Derek Lowe Now On Mets Radar

"It's fair to say he's a very good pitcher. He's got a very good agent. Right now, what we're going to do is put him on the board and continue to have dialogue with the agent."

Those words, spoken by Omar Minaya, were stated last week when speaking of free agent right-handed pitcher Derek Lowe.

With the Yankees reaching an agreement with free agent first baseman Mark Teixeira, the Mets and BoSox appear to be the front runners for Lowe. One word: Halleluia!

It's nice to finally get the feeling that Lowe is on the Mets radar, and he would compliment Santana and the younger pitchers well, and hopefully show this team how to win.

According to Gordon Edes - Yahoo Sports the Mets are deep in negotiations with Lowe, and though no offer has been made, Lowe is a top priority for the Mets.

As reported by Edes, “the Mets’ bargaining position also is enhanced by the fact that rehab coordinator Chris Correnti, who was brought on board to work with the Pedro Martinez, has trained Lowe for the last 11 years.”

Lowe has been a durable and reliable starter. Not a #1, but a solid #2 or #3 pitcher. It would nice to have Lowe under the Mets tree this Christmas.

The Mets are reported to be satisfied in getting a lesser pitcher such as Oliver Perez, Tim Redding, and Randy Wolf, but if they can land Lowe, at a reasonable price, it would be the apex of a tremendous off season.

Other Sources: Anthony DiComo - MLB.com

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Long Island Met Fan said...

lets just hope the red sox dont over bid for him since they were smacked by the yankes with the Tex signing