Saturday, December 27, 2008

Mets 2009 partial ticket plans go on sale in January

With not much fan fare the Mets are now saying that partial plans for the 2009 season go on sale to the general public on Jan 6th at 10 am. They have the 2-40 game plans and and 5 -15 game plans. The weekend plans include 5 games during the week. So looks like the Mets want to sell those week day games and have eliminated total weekend plans.

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Also a guy over on Picasa has some great pics from the J J Putz news conference that include interior shots of Citi Field with the padding going on the wall . Check out these pics here

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Anonymous said...

Good luck! I have had a Sat and a Sun plan in the loge at Shea since 1985. The best tickets I could get at Citi field were 5 rows from the top of the infield promenade. Many people who were frightened into getting season tickets last year only got promenade seats because they couldn't afford anything further downstairs. Could we be seeing empty seats downstairs because the fat cats aren't fat anymore?