Monday, December 29, 2008

Should the Mets sign Manny Ramirez?

It seems that everyone has an opinion on this matter so I thought it was time to chime in. In the sports section over at Dan Graziano states his case on why the Mets should sign him. If you want to here him tell you why the Mets should take a chance you can read it here

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I of course disagree. I know why the Wilpons don't want Manny and I am ok with the reasoning. The Mets remember the disruption oft eh clubhouse in the early 90's and even the discord of what went on with the Mets before Willie was fired. It is pretty simple Manny is a great hitter but also is a cancer. Bringing Manny to New York might even trump what the Yankees did this off season . The Media would have a field day. That of course is not what the Wilpons wants. I am pretty sure when they sign either Lowe or Ollie they will be better then last year. They could still use an impact player in case Beltran or Delgado starts off slow. If you see the free Agent market the Mets could make a run for a player that could be someone that can make an impact on the team just by showing patience.

I mean Dunn,Abreu are still out there . They need to bring someone to the team that is not bigger then the team. Manny being Manny can make the Wilpons curse the day they signed with only 1 nutty antic that the Media will have a field day. By the time Manny was traded by the Redsox the entire team was glad to see him go.

The Mets can make it to the playoffs with out Manny. Let him go back to the Dodgers.

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metsfan73 said...

I agree. I think Manny will be back in LA.
According to everything I have read and heard, Freddy and Jeffy won't sign off on Manny.

I would rather have Lowe (Perez too) and Orlando Hudson, who wants to play for the Mets, but he won't wait forever.