Monday, December 22, 2008

Yes METSFAN73 There Is A Santa Claus

YES! The news I've been awaiting and anticipating. David Wright will play for Team USA. I can't believe it! Christmas came early!

The World Baseball Classic, the most brilliant invention since the Designated Hitter, Astro Turf, and Inter-League play, will commence again this Spring. *

I can't wait to see how the US does. Imagine if they win? It would be as exciting as seeing a competitive curling match in the Olympics.

I love it when Santa comes early. Wow! David Wright playing for the United States in the World Baseball Classic. Who says there's no such thing as Santa?

* metsfan73 believes the worst things concocted for our game are: artificial turf, the DH, and inter-league play.


Long Island Met Fan said...

i was curious were you been sarcastic? :)

metsfan73 said...