Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Citi Field tickets a fan perspective.

I would like to say that I am one of the 20,000+ patrons that can afford a season ticket plan at the new Citi Field. Of course at this point I am still going back and forth with friends about buying a partial plan. Well there has been many blogs, articles written that the tickets for the new park compared to Shea are out of line. Of course I am sure the tickets by the dugouts and the suite tickets are through the roof as we can tell by the outline of ticket prices but Ken Davidoff received an email from a fan who mentions that his seats in loge at Shea were moved to the Promenade box and the tickets where actually cheaper. Well I hope they were since the Promenade seats are the upper level which would be equivalent to the Mezzanine at Shea.

I am glad for the Met fan that he was able to afford 4 tickets instead of 2 but come on. The Excelsior level start at $75.00 which might be more in tune of where he was sitting at Shea. Yes there are cheap tickets to be had but you will not be able to compare them to what you could get at good ole Shea.

Check the Newsday article
The lay out of the pricing for Citi Field here


DyHrdMET said...

I wasn't real happy with the ticket pricing at Citi Field. I'm in a group of 20 partners that went in for season tix at Shea in the summer of '06. we got real lucky in the move that our seats are much less expensive at the new park, but we're a bit further out (just right of the high 1B camera in Mezz box at Shea to the "boxes" in Prom 405). there's a lot of things that i'm not real happy about in the move to Citi Field (most of this came before the economy melted down).

Long Island Met Fan said...

If your left with any tickets let us know!