Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bobby Parnell looking to start 2009 in Queens.

The 24 year old had a taste of playing in the big leagues last year and wants to start the season with the big club. He is working on bringing back his splitter like he used in college.

In today's Newsday David Lennon writes up Parnell as a serious threat to make the ball club.

"His fastball is a consistent 96-97 mph -- he's reached 99 -- and he's combined that with a slider and improving changeup. Add the splitter, and Parnell will get more swings and misses as it dives into the dirt."

He could compete for spot with Brian Stokes. The things he needs to develop is confidence the first time he gets rough up. Last year Eddie Kunz tried to make an impression but was a bit shaky .

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DyHrdMET said...

I've learned a few things over the past few seasons.

1) i don't make judgements on players in Parnell's position until I've seen them in Spring Training games IN PERSON.

2) the Opening Day roster means nothing about the season.

I'd love to see him make the rotation, and a few other young guys be in Queens, but there just may not be enough room at the start of the season. It's a long 6 months though.