Sunday, February 22, 2009

Brian Schneider will be tested this year

During the off season there were rumors that the Mets were trying to trade Brian Schneider. That they were not happy with him in the way he played defensively in 2008.

Well no trade happened and now we move to 2009. Now going into this year there will be more expectations on him since the Mets have mentioned that he will be in the lineup more this year.

In the NY Post Manuel has been quoted as saying "I'm looking at getting him a lot more [at-bats]," "As we sit here today, we feel that Schneider in his second year probably should get the bulk of the catching."

When he was brought over the Mets did not expect much in his offensive side of the game. He did wind up hitting over .250 which was better then the .230's in 07 with the Nats. His defense needs to improve . There were alot of balls that he should have caught that went for a passed ball. This will be his 2nd year essentially catching the same top 4 in the rotations.

Mets ace Johan Santana had this to say. "I like the way Schneider calls the game," the Mets' ace said this week. "I'm comfortable with that, and we work well together."

Lets hope more playing time turns into a positive. Is Castro in the dog house due to his usual late summer umm injuries?

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metsfan73 said...

I think Schneider might have been hurt by missing most of Spring Training in '08 due a calf injury. He was new to the team, and missed a lot of time where he would have gotten used to catching pitchers from his new team. Schneider was always good defensively, and I agree, he had a very poor season, with too many passed balls. Could it be he wasn't used to the pitchers, or are his skills starting to erode? Let's hope it is the former, and not the latter.