Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Carlos Beltrans words for Cole Hamels.

I guess the A Rod spectacle was not enough for the media yesterday. It seems now that Carlos Beltran has some words for the Mets Newest Philly bad boy in regards to what Hamels had said couple of weeks earlier on WFAN.

To read Carlos Beltrans comments in the NY Post you realize the media needs something to counter act A Rod as a story and of course good press fodder. It is nice to see Beltran feeling comfortable in talking with the press. I am sure he said half smirking.

If Beltran wants to "kill" Hamels and the Phillies lets just hope that Beltran does not strike out the first time up against him.

It would be like what Beltran said at the beginning of 2008 when the Mets were the team to beat and look where that got the Mets.

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