Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Getting to know new 3rd base coach Razor Shines

Ok so the guy spent last year in the Phillies farm system . Despite that he already has a heads up over last years 3rd base coach. Razor has a personality not lost in translation.

Last year we had seen and not heard Luis Aguayo coaching at 3rd. Of course that was not a Manuel man. Razor is a Jerry man.

In an article entitled New Mets Coach Is More Than Just a Name - NYTimes.com we get an inside look at the Mets new 3rd base coach who played a couple of years back in the mid 80's behind the shadows of Expos greats Carter, Dawson and Tim Raines. He friended Mets manager Jerry Manuel and have enjoy a friendship over 20 years which includes a White Sox world series ring for Razor.

He is already being vocal in camp and it seems that many players have always liked him

"Just the other day, Shines said, Arizona outfielder Chris Young telephoned him, just looking to talk. Tim Redding had never met or spoken to Manuel until signing with the Mets in January, but during an introductory phone call told him that he played for Shines in 2006."
“Jerry told me that if I got along with Razor, I’d get along with him,” Redding said. “He was dead-on.”

Positive vibes is what Shines brings to this team and he is very approachable. Which is 10 times better then just being there and being quiet.

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DyHrdMET said...

I love that name. I can just see Keith Hernandez having fun with it.