Friday, February 20, 2009

Jerry Manuels message Go TEAM

Before the Mets started there first spring training full team workout for the 09 season he held a meeting with the team for about 30 minutes. Now this is something that every team does but it is Manuels first as the manager. Is mantra is to put the team first. Some of the quotes from the Mets you can read here

Ryan Church had this to say "It was simple, the message. We have the guys here, we have the talent -- now finish the job" he also went on to say that it was a complete 180 from Randolph last year. You can draw your own conclusions.

Manuel has started to lay the groundwork. Now lets see if this team is ready for the long haul. By the way the first televised game on SNY is less then a week a way. At least it is something.

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metsfan73 said...

Putz had this to say about General Jerry's address:
“It was definitely the best pre-spring-training meeting I’ve ever been part of. Just the confidence, the way he’s trying to get his message across — very believable, very straight to the point, very straightforward. We have one rule here: that’s to win a championship.”

Go Jerry Go! What a difference a year makes. He had this to say to Reyes after telling Jose to hit to the opposite field, which Jose did:“You’re a special one, José, you know that?”

Never would have heard that from Randolph.