Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Shea Stadium - April 17, 1964 - February 18, 2009
Served As A Home For All Met Fans For Almost 45 Years
Served As Host To World Championships In 1969 & 1986
Served As Host To Division Winners In 1969, 1973, 1986. 1988, 2006
Served As Wild Card Winners In 1999, 2000
It's official: Our beloved home is no more. Shea Stadium will only live in our memories and our hearts.
At 11:21 this morning, the demolition crew toppled the last remaining structure of Shea. One fan summed it up well. “It’s like watching a slow death,” DeAngelis said. “All we can do now is reminisce.”

View Video Below-curtesy of NY Ralf

Source: Joshua Robinson - NY Times

And another video:


Anonymous said...

it hangs for a minute like its saying goodbye...Loved that dump!

Long Island Met Fan said...

as the night goes on I hate seeing this more and more.