Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another Milestone. With only 1 week to go before Shea Nu Opens.

Here we are still waiting for the warm weather to arrive and we have only 1 week before the Mets open Shea Nu/Gil Hodges Memorial park. To say this winter has been long would be an understatement.

With the lights almost ready to be shown on the Mets new field we just want to take a minute to thank all our readers here at 24 hours for reaching 20k in visits to our site!!

We here have been Met fans since the 70's and when we started this blog Day 1 back in June we knew this was a labor of love. We watched When the Mets fired willie only a week after we started this. The fact that we could express our views and have people comment about their thoughts it has just been fantastic.

Of course we are not like some other sights that might get 20,000 hits in a day/week but that is fine. We love what we do here and enjoyed when we wrote about 1 time Met Jerry Cram, and had his daughter email us to thank us for remembering him. Priceless if you ask me.

This can be tough to blog about sometimes, especially when your team lets you down AGAIN! A low point in all this for me was the Last game at Shea when the Mets fell to the Marlins on the last day and you had to sit there and watch the Marlins celebrate again by beating us.

Then of course in Feb of this year when we said RIP to Shea. To have Shea only in our memory now where most of spent our youth loving the game we grew up with.

Now next week we move over to SHEA NU or as Metfan73 calls it Gil Hodges Memorial park. To see updated pics click Recent Citi I mean Shea Nu pics

On behalf of MetFan73 and Jobu we here at 24 hours thank you for taking a minute as a Met fan and visiting our site. Us Met fan are a rare bird just like our Mets !!. Looking forward to the 09 season and our team in the playoffs and us chatting about it right here!!!!!!


metsfan73 said...
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metsfan73 said...

As Long Island Met Fan has expressed, it has been a pleasure of mine too to document and reminisce about our team. It has been my profound pleasure, and we look forward to bring our opinions, your comments, and our passion for our team to you, our faithful fans.

~ Metsfan73 ~