Monday, March 23, 2009

Freddy Garcia Mph hits 88-89 but what where will he wind up?

The Mets feel that Livan Hernandez is going to be there 5th starter when they break camp at the end of next week. He pitched again today and gave up 1 run on 4 hits against some minor leaguers .

He then was relieved by Freddy Garcia who pitched 4 innings and gave up 3 runs and 8 hits in 71 pitches. That line is nothing special but what was encouraging was the fact he reached 88 to 89 mph on the radar gun.

Well now I am sure that the Mets would like to send him down to the minors to work a little bit more but Garcia has said in the past that he would probably refuse an assignment to the minors. Since Garcia wanted to play for a contender will he just become a free agent and sign with another team? If so who would be interested to give him a major league contract.

I would like to see him spend April in Buffalo to continue working because you never know when it comes to the pitchers health. We should find out soon since pitchers are being stretched out at this point and there will be less innings to be had in these games in the coming week.

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metsfan73 said...

I agree. I hope he accepts an assignment to AAA Buffalo. I still think he can be useful. Not at all familiar with his starts, he might be the type of pitcher that doesn't get going until June (due to cold weather, takes time to get in the flow, etc.).