Wednesday, March 25, 2009

John Maine. Will he be able to regain what he was in 2007

Maine's worst enemy sometimes is himself. Back from the shoulder injury Dan Warthen noticed that he was not following through with his arm which he said is typical pf pitchers who have had surgery. Well the Mets claim now that Maine will be back. The question is will Maine analyze too much to let himself be the pitcher he was in 2007.

Maine was 15-10 in 2007 in 32 starts with an Era just under 4. The Mets would accept that if he could do it this year. He pitches Thursday night against the Cardinals. He said that teams usually do not get alot of hits off him. What will he do if the Cardinals get say 7-8 hits in the first 4 innings and he gets pummeled? What will the Mets start thinking? What will you the fan start thinking?

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Anonymous said...

Ron Darling was correct in what he said during Sunday's broadcast. It is a mental thing and until he learns to contol that he is going to continue to have problems. Sorry I am not buying the back of newsday that he is cured in a 30 minute secesion. If you believe that I will see you that bridge in Brooklyn.