Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mets Notes on Citi Field Parking/5 game pack

The Mets have had to deal with a little uproar with the offering of the 5 game pack they started selling that includes a ticket to opening day. Dave Howard Mets executive vice president of business operations was on WFAN late this afternoon to give people some info regarding this pack.

It seems people are upset that they had to buy a 15 game pack to obtain Opening day seats and now this 5 game pack comes along. The 5 game pack is not cheap. They are not offering cheap seats for this pack so it does come with a price. Also the 15 game pack offers holders the ability to get potential post game tickets as well as renewal of those seats next year.

Not sure what people have a problem with. I mean what do you expect . The Mets are in a business to sell seats that is the bottom line and there are times that buying early is not the smartest thing to do. Honestly though the 15 game pack makes more sense to me since it gives you games througout the summer while this 5 game pack is done in May. If you do not want all 15 sell some of them.I know opening day is a big draw but honestly there is always going to be a price to pay . Either you buy the 15 games or buy 5 games for more $$.

Also David annouced that pricing for parking has been bumped from $15.00 to $18.00 and that buy the time opening day hits on April day hits some of the parking might include part of the imprint of where Shea was. Eerie to say the least. Also heard there will be a dunk tank for the kids in Mr Met field!!

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Mike V said...

Part of the gripe with the 15 game pack is that the other 14 games were pretty weak. All weeknights and weekdays against mostly weak opponents. This 5 game pack is much better since you can pick the games rather than the games picked for you.