Saturday, March 21, 2009

WBC Is Still A Forced Competition Despite Hall Wanting Mementos

We all know how Metsfan73 feels about the WBC; I hate it. It is a ridiculous attempt to fabricate rivalries. If this event was played with amateurs, I would be more inclined to give a rats tail about it, but with the current set-up, it does nothing but take away from the present MLB season.

Already the US has been close to forfeiting a game due to a lack of a bench. Some of the notable players already injured are: Dustin Pedroia, Larry 'Chipper' Jones, Kevin Youkilis, Matt Lindstrom, and Ryan Braun. David Wright might be injured after splitting the nail on his big toe after fouling a pitch off his foot.

I'm sure teams will feel great when their star player(s), for whom they are paying big bucks to, can't start or miss playing time this season due to the WBC.

But, despite all this, the Hall Of Fame wants David Wright's bat. You know the bat that propelled the US to a ninth inning victory over Puerto Rico. Maybe it will be on display next to Mike Piazza's bat, the one which he broke the all time HR record for a catcher.

When will baseball decide that this stupid WBC, which is nothing more than competitive Spring Training, is not worth the price? Who cares who wins? You have millionaire ball players playing for pride? They should play for pride every day they don their uniform.

If the US wins this stupid WBC, I honestly won't care. If Wright or Putz, or some other player from my team costs the Mets the chance to make the post season due to an injury suffered at the hands of the WBC, who will really care? True baseball fans will be upset that the season they had high hopes for was jeopardized due to the World Exhibition, coined the World Baseball Classic.

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DyHrdMET said...

watching last night's game, in the later innings, ESPN's Joe Morgan ACTUALLY MADE A GOOD POINT. saying something to the effect of "there's no good time to have this competition" (a point i made at the start on my blog). it was interesting to hear the different ideas, including Jon Miller proposing that they shorten the season to allow this mid-year, thinking everyone would go along with it. i've heard comments from players (i don't remember specifics) saying bad things about how they're playing in the WBC and NOT preparing for the season like they should. Now i wish i had taped some of that (maybe I did).

after comments like what Jon and Joe said on the telecast, I think the HOF may want their microphones.