Thursday, March 26, 2009

WBC A Mistake

Updated: 12:43 - March 26, 2009
Oliver Perez has taken exception to the comments made by Dan Warthen (below) about the shape Ollie is in.
Perez said, "If you want to run with me, we can run. I feel good. Maybe we were working different in the Classic. We didn't do [pitcher's fielding practice] and all the exercises we do here, but I feel good."
I have a feeling this issue isn't going to go away any time soon.
Update Source: David Lennon - Newsday
~ Metsfan73 ~
The Mets are rightfully blaming the absurd World Baseball Classic for Oliver Perez’s woes.

As we all know, Perez is the type of player that needs constant supervision and advisement. Pitching coach Dan Warthen met with Manuel after O.P.’s performance, and had this to say, "I was a little reticent when he left, and my worries have come to fruition. I think he needs the camaraderie of people that push him. So yes, I think he's a guy that needs to stay with the group and be hands on. Ollie's a guy that has to repeat his delivery time and time again, with a lot of volume delivery-wise. Yes, it set him back. He's set back probably at least 10 days."

Jerry Manuel’s opinion of the WBC might be changing. Manuel, who had always been a proponent of the WBC said, "That never entered my thoughts. Maybe it should have. But it didn't. I always thought the competition was the best thing for baseball. To be involved in that I thought was a good thing. We just got to pay close attention to him the rest of the way and make sure we get him back on track."

Warthen also intimated that Perez seems to be out of shape, and might need to drop some weight.

Source: David Lennon

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Long Island Met Fan said...

i think the mets can correct ollie...hopefully in time for his april starts.. The weight thing might be a tougher nut to crack.