Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hey David Wright get a hit that matters

It is very tough to pick on Luis Castillo these days. I mean I am sure in a day or 2 we will find something worth while that will annoy us Met fans that he does but right now the guy is hitting over 500 in his last 25 at bats so we need to find another poster boy.

I think at this juncture we will go with David Wright. This guy seems to fall below the radar with the media because he does not seemed to be picked on. Yes he is very quotable and makes himself available but come on .

Friday night in watching that game where the Mets had bases loaded 3 times in 9 innings there was always a fan that would come forward and just hope that David Wright would not be up at bat if we had a runner in scoring position. Why? because he does not get the big hit where needed. There I said. Hey get a hit crash! A hit that matter. This guy has besides the 3 home run that tied the game the other night has done nothing with runners in scoring position. NOTHING!

Met fans at the game all said the same thing he does not give us the big hit these days. He will hit a week ground ball or just hit into a double play or pop out or strike out on a fast ball away.

Hey David. Remember when you used to hit to right field? How bout trying that again huh? Then maybe we can pick another poster boy these days to rag on. Can you believe that Luis Castillo had 2 hits again today? Wow amazing things happen when you swing the bat!


metsfan73 said...

I couldn't agree more. He is a good ball player, but his stats are deceiving. He is turning in our version of A-Rod.
Wright is teflon because he is the media darling, who always will have something to say, but says absolutely nothing.
It was funny when the three of us were talking about it at the game last night, and fans joined in in agreement.
You have just said what we all have been feeling.

DyHrdMET said...

move him down to the 5 hole, or maybe 6th. he really isn't working as the 3 hitter.

Jobu said...

Once again he can't get a hit in a meaningful situation. He has been here for 5 much longer do we wait?