Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jerry Manuel upset with Mets lack of fight. Try being one of us Met fans!

In an article over at Jerry Manuel talks about how his team lacks fight. "I think what is somewhat discouraging is that we didn't put a run back on the board after that. That's what is discouraging" Jerry goes on to say.

Well Jerry nice that you finally realize that or at least mention it. This team has alot of offense but when they fall behind late the fire seems to go out and instead of burn brighter. All they need to do is look down the road at the Phillies who the other night staged multiple comebacks in there band box home. A couple of years ago the Mets would be behind and rally back. This team does not show that at all right now.

The team did nothing offensively the last couple of innings in the game. They could not get a runner past 1st base. The team does not have a killer instinct and honestly I do not want to hear David Wright give the politically correct answer anymore to questions. Hey David get pissed ! Throw a chair! You do not have to call out anyone but get some intensity when you have to deal with the media. Maybe that can transfer over to the game. Or better yet hang with Johan for a week be his tail for a week!

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metsfan73 said...

Wright struck out again (#24) against Johnson in the first inning...two outs and runners on. It's an epidemic. I agree - you don't have to get in someone's face, or even throw a chair (although I would pay to see that), but show some emotion. They have become accepting of theirs losses, and that's the difference between losers and winner; losers accept losses, winners do not.