Friday, April 24, 2009

Will the Mets ever have a leader on this team?

Yes the Mets have issues. Yes it would be nice if this team would play the way there expected to play. Well my question is this. Will someone please step up to a leadership role on this team already!

We know that Johan can be a leader but he is a pitcher and it comes to reason that the Mets need a leader that is an everyday player.

With Delgado in his walk year I do not see him taking the reigns. Plus he really does not play well with the media. So here is the list of possibilities.

Jose Reyes? I do not see it. Still needs to grow up a bit. He needs to be told by Manuel to control the infield and take a leadership role with that. So he is taking baby steps.

David Wright? Possibly. He does seem to get along with the media but does he have what it takes to fire up his teammates?

Carlos Beltran. It might not be his personality to lead but I think he could be the guy. He does lead in away with his play and finally seems comfortable playing in New York. The guy right now is doing it all in the field and with the bat and except for his lame comment about not sliding the other night because he did not want to get hurt seems to be a guy that all players could gravitate too.

Now if Castillo was not on the team the Mets might have had a fiery guy playing named Orland Hudson. Well he is with the Dodgers so to me its like ok guys lets have someone step up on this team and act like you’re a true New Yorker and open your mouth!

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metsfan73 said...

My thoughts exactly. I would really love to see this team have that fire-in-the-belly attitude. They are complacent and accepting of losing, and that's not right. We all know it's early in the season, bnt the distressing thing is that the attitude is the same it was after game 7 in 2006, after game 162 in 2007 and 2008. It's epidemic. They need to step up, forget the cliche's, reach into their opponents chest, tear their heart out, chew it up, spit it out, and bury it on the field.