Saturday, April 25, 2009

Will the Mets ever make it easy

New Ballpark, new year, new bullpen, almost the same story..

Why do the Mets have to struggle to win every game? Johan gives up 1 run and its like he let the Mets down. Can Castro use 2 hands? Can anybody get a hit with a runner on 3rd and less then 2 out? Can SNY stop showing the graphic of the Mets avg with RISP and how many men they left on base?

Just some questions I have after watching last nights game. It would be nice to see this Mets team load the bases and maybe do what the Phillies did last night and hit a Grand Slam. How about a double that clears the bases? Why do we have to be treated so unfairly? What did we do as Mets to be tortured this way? Do we all need to constantly watch our hair turn grey when a Mets reliever needs 3 outs to a win but feel the need to give up a couple to make it interesting?

Is there any reason security needs to harass Mets fans that like to place K cards up? If you did not see that story check it out over at

Did anyone notice the Nationals game plan at the plate against Johan? How many of the Nats swung on the first pitch? I mean Johan was gone after 6 innings and Scott Olsen at the time of the bottom of the 6 only had like 75 pitches. You think the Mets can learn. Teams are coming in with a game plan against the Mets.

Where is the Mets plan? Oh yeah I forgot make Mets fans stroke out and leave everyone on base .

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metsfan73 said...

The ineptitude of the ownership right down to the security personnel is offensive. They still don't get it. If the guards told the fans to remove the K sign, the orders obviously came from somewhere. I'm sure the Mets will catch heat, and then, in about a day or two, they will come out with a statement, and a place where K's can be hung. Reactive instead of proactive.