Friday, May 22, 2009

Cant root for the Yankees even if they play the Phillies

This morning on Carton and Boomers show they were talking about Met fans need to root for the Yankees this weekend since they play the Phillies. Sorry not happening. I cant see myself rooting for them. There the Yankees. If it was the last game of the season and we needed the Yankees to beat the Phillies to make it in the playoffs somehow, I might be desperate to root for them. It is May...still and there 3/4's of the season left to play. I really do not care if the Yankees win this weekend.

The Mets have to only worry about the Red Sox this weekend. Honestly don't tell anyone but I hope the Phillies pummel the Yankees tonight. I want to see like a 10-2 score in the 3rd inning.I have heard enough about the Yanks winning streak and how its all nicey nice in the Bronx. Actually I hope the 2 teams brawl but the Phillies winning 2 out of 3 or sweeping would be just fine in my book.

The Mets just need not wind up losing 3 to Boston. That is about the only thing I will not be able to stomach this holiday weekend. I need a Johan win and a blow out tonight to set the Mets on a nice little run. They play the Nationals starting Monday and then the Marlins who are lost. Lets see the Mets win 5 out of the next 6...No I am not on any medication. Maybe after the weekend I might need to be!

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DyHrdMET said...

I can't root for either. Gary Cohen just said it best on SNY that, for a game in May, you just don't care to root for either.