Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Former Met Suffers Tragedy

**** Updated 10:53 AM May 21, 2009 ****

Last Fall I found an interview of Gabrielle Schoeneweis, conducted by Jimmy Scott. It is in three parts, all of which are below. To see more of Jimmy Scott's site, click Jimmy Scott's High And Tight.

The audio for these interviews is at the bottom of the article.

It is with great sadness we report that former Met, Scott Schoeneweis' wife, Gabrielle Dawn Schoeneweis was found dead in their Arizona home.

Mrs. Shoeneweis, 39, was unable to be revived by Sheriffs, who responded to a call made by their 14 year old daughter.

Scott Schoeneweis who was in Florida was on his way back to Arizona

As of now, there isn't believed to be any foul play, but an autopsy will be performed.

We here at 24 Hours From Suicide...A Day In The Life Of A Met Fan send our heartfelt condolences to Scott and the entire Schoeneweis family.

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Long Island Met Fan said...

Jerry was quoted as saying that he is still part of the Mets family and we need to be there in his time of need!