Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Team Imitating Fans, Or Fans Imitating Team?

Only in Flushing. Only associated with the Mets. Only a Mets fan.

During last Wednesday's game against the Braves at GHMP, a woman, while in the bathroom, lost her gold tooth, which happened to fall into the toilet. While reaching for her prized chopper, her hand got lodged, stuck if you will, in the commode.

The woman, who's name has not been published was screaming for help. It is not known how long she was stranded with her hand stuck in the throne before emergency medical personnel arrived. As only luck of a Mets fan would have it, they were unable to liberate her hand.

Back-up, from none other than Cardoza Plumbing, were summoned. This is the company that installed all 646 ultra-low-flow toilets at GHMP. While this victim, but then again, aren't all Mets fans victims?, was waiting for her rescue, the automatic toilet kept flushing.

The woman was finally freed, but was unable to recoup her gold tooth. From reports, she was more entertaining than the game, which the Mets lost 8-7.

You can't make this stuff up. Hopefully this isn't a precursory sign that the Mets season is flushing away...

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Long Island Met Fan said...

flushing away like the season ..oh i get it!!! Ahh did they serve peanuts and beer? Were there any odds given on retrieving the gold tooth?