Saturday, June 13, 2009

The art of the catch by Luis Castillo

In little league I am pretty sure there is something you hear alot about. That when a ball is caught that the little guys use 2 hands. I know that this seems to be something of a lost art but why?

Why do we need to be subjected to this sort of loss when it is possible that if Castillo just had the ablity to use his other hand he might of caught the stupid ball. If this was 2006 I would have been walking around in a daze after watching that bush league ending to the game last night. You know what ? Not anymore with these guys. These guys just find new ways to embarass themselves. Kind of numb to it. I did throw something at the wall though. Didnt break anything thankfully.

Not to long ago I remember Carlos Delgado dropped a ball that would have been the last out. Why is this all of a sudden like the most nerve wracking thing catching a baseball? I loved Bobbie Ojeda comment after the game he was like well that never happened to me but I hung a couple of sliders.

Kudos for Luis for being a man and talking to the media after the game. It is one game and you move on but if the Mets somehow lose again at the end of the year by 1 game, I will have Castillo in my sites!


metsfan73 said...

Castillo should be ashamed. The thing is, when that ball was hit, watching the way he was pursuing it, I knew he was going to drop it.
It's not just about Castillo and his muff, but that this team has lost three games in a row...all games that they had leads late in the game, all games they lost. It has become an epidemic, and unless Jerry is going to starting making players responsible for their lapses and lack of hustle, this will continue.
Wright finally had a key hit in a key situation, Beltran executed the running part of the hit and run well, and scored easily from first.
K-Rod did his job. Yes he gave up a hit and walk, but they were not only out of the inning, but had the game won.
Changes have to be made, and made now.I don't want to hear, "it's only June...". This has been the carry over since game 6 of the NLCS of 2006. It's not only June, it is how this team conducts itself with a blase attitude!

Long Island Met Fan said...

i here yah ..since 2006 it just seems everything is oh shucks...