Monday, June 22, 2009

Bobby Parnell master of the 4 hit inning.

Location location location. Jerry Manuel takes some of the blame for running Parnell out there too much. He has over 30 appearances already. Parnell says that Jerry does not need to take the heat for him . Bobby says that he owes Jerry a couple of outs. That would be nice since the last 2 starts he has given up 6 runs. Hey Jerry you have a pitcher named Brian Stokes. Is he on your Church list? Just checking. B J Upton says no please have Parnell be my personal pitcher after giving up a moon shot into the 2 second deck at Citi Field. Why are the 2 longest home runs in Citi Field giving up to opposing players?

This team is hurting.. Beltran now says he has a sharp pain in the knee. Will he be heading to the DL? At that point forget about playing .500. The Mets lost another series yesterday. In there last 12 there 4-8 and the only reason there hanging around is because the Phillies are 1-8 in there current home stand.

There is talk that Oliver Perez and John Maine could be ready to help this team soon. Not sure it’s going to help

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