Monday, June 22, 2009

Carlos Beltran heading to DL

As per Adam Rubin looks like the Mets will lose Carlos Beltran to the DL with his bad knee. The Mets are calling up That would allow the Mets to return Fernando Martinez to the majors despite spending less than 10 days with Buffalo.

As per Adam Rubin " The Daily News has learned that lefthanded reliever Pat Misch and outfielder Fernando Martinez are headed to the Mets, replacing Ken Takahashi and, seemingly, Carlos Beltran"

Elmmer Dessens is also being called up and Wilson Valdez has been designated for assignment. Which makes me believe the Mets might be working on a trade because they have no backups for Cora or Castillo as of right now. Or is it to help the bullpen?

Say it isnt so.....Say goodbye to 2009!

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