Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Gary Sheffield hurting Fernando Tatis leads team in what?

With the Mets coming off a 3-0 lost to the Cardinals last night the team is missing the little punch that Sheffield has provided. He has 8 home runs so far but as not played in this series. Sheff might not even play today. His leg must be hurting something fierce that we need to have Fernando Tatis batting 4th.

What does Fernando Tatis lead the team in? He has hit into 9 double plays so far this year. 3 over the last 2 games with Wright on at first.

With the bullpen having some time off the Mets might bring up Argenis Reyes. The Mets have no real back up at short and second . With the Mets playing a game on Thursday we might see the week hitting infielder in the lineup very shortly.

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