Monday, June 15, 2009

Johan Santana Is He Hurt? If So He Needs To Man Up!

I know these pitchers are competitive. They're sometimes competitive to a fault. They always seem to say they are fine and go out there and pitch like either Juan Berenguer or Anthony Young. We watch J J Putz say that he had a mechanical flaw and then go out and get pummeled. John Maine said he was fine and goes out and gets whacked by the Nationals.

Now we have to watch our 130M ace Johan Santana pitch the worst game basically of his career and then we hear that Dan Warthen thinks it has to do with a change in the way Johan grips a fastball due to a blister he had. So does that mean now this weekend against the Rays we will see Johan like his old self? Or will he get rocked. Johan is getting mauled by lefties when he used to hold them to a low .200 average. If he gets rocked, is that when we find out that he is heading for the DL for something? These guys need to stop being so selfish and man up and open there mouths when there is a problem. Being a man Johan, is admitting when you have an issue. Don’t keep pitching and give the Mets no chance to win. When Maine went down Fernando Nieve pitched a good game for us and gave us a chance to win. If Maine did not open his mouth we would have lost all 3 games this weekend.

If Johan has an issue he needs to be a Man and say something. Practice what you preach.

Scribed By: Long Island Met Fan

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