Friday, June 26, 2009

Mets and Omar Minaya inquire about the Indians Cliff Lee.

Ok maybe it’s a little dated but I find it interesting to know that Omar Minaya has inquired about the Indians Cliff Lee.

In an article from Monday by
Murray Cass there is a little blurb about how Omar Minaya had inquired about the Indians Cliff Lee in the not so distant past.

Why would the Mets look for another starter unless they plan to trade one in return. The timing of it is odd since the Mets have the need for a couple of bats but with Ollie possibly floundering in the minors on rehab is it that far fetched for the Mets to look for another starter?

The price for Lee is pretty steep and I doubt the Mets could pull it off. With the Mets fill in starters Tim Redding doing ok and Fernando Nieve being lights out and battle horse Livan Hernandez giving 7 innings a start as the Mets number 5 starter I really think the Mets would not be wise to give up talent for a pitcher.

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