Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mets finally have laugher and win!

They scored the most runs they have all season. Fernando Tatis only grounded into 1 double play. Bobby Parnell got 3 outs and allowed no runs. Argenis Reyes got a single. Is it x-mas?

In a game marred by incredibly sloppy play by the Cardinals the Mets beat them 11-0. Fernando mania is griping flushing. Mr Nieve pitched 6 innings of a shut out ball on a anight he clearly did not have the command he had the other 2 starts. His ERA is under 2.00. Sorry Jerry I do not care if Ollie is back in a week. He goes to the bullpen. Nieve has the mojo now!

David Wright had 4 hits and no rbi's . Ryan Church had 3 hits including a double halfway up the left field fence. Mets slugger Brian Schnieder missed a shot of his 3rd 3run homer when he hit the ball off the wall in right field plating 2. Tatis even had 2 hits and 3 rbi's on a night he hit into his team leading 10th double play. Nick Evans got into the action with a tank of a swing that netted him a 2 run homer. Never seen the boy swing so hard.

Mets had 16 hits on a night the Cardinals sleep walked in the field making many mental mistakes. I would hate to be in that clubhouse after that game.

Hopefully the Mets did not use up all there hits when they hit against Chris Carpenter this afternoon.

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