Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mets plan to hurry up and wait in regards to making moves.

With the trade deadline only 45 days away the Mets have adopted the mentality of its not that bad we can wait it out. Marty Noble in his latest column which you can read here senses that the Mets will just chill for now. Reason being is that what will be offered out there will come at a high price.

Jerry Manuel mentions that he would like to keep the team above .500 until the all star break when we might see Reyes return. No offense to Reyes but I think the bigger key is Carlos Delgado’s bat. The Mets have 1 home run from the first base slot since Delgado went on the DL. That is what the Mets need to concern themselves with some offensive power.

“In a week the Mets have gone from leading the Wild Card chase by a game to a third-place standing, 1 1/2 games behind the Giants and one game behind the Cardinals.”

By the time the All-Star break comes this team could be in a lot worse shape then just 1.5 games out.

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