Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mike Pelfrey gets rocked as the Mets get trounced. J J Putz heading back to NY

The line for Big Pelf today was down right ugly.

3.2 innings 9 runs on 9 hits 8 were earned

On a day where the Mets scored 6 runs. The Pirates scored 11 and beat the Mets 11-6.

Pelfrey looked like he was pitching batting practice. The Pirates scored 4 runs in the first but the Mets scored 3 in the top of 2nd. They also were only down 5-4 before Pelfrey gave up 4 more runs to place the game out of reach.

No ill effects for Carlos Beltran who had a home run and a double. The double was very close to being a home run.

Gary Sheffield took an 0-5 day. Wright as usual did nothing until the game was out of reach.

If J J Putz found something in his mechanics, he did nothing to fix It by giving up 2 runs while facing 6 batters. He is heading to NY to be looked at as per Adam Rubin's blog.

As the Mets flounder the Phillies keep winning. I know fans are starting to panic but its still early. I do not think trading for a hitter when the team is down is smart. They play the Nationals this weekend who they swept at home last weekend. The Mets need a couple of wins before they head home to play the Phillies on Tuesday.

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