Sunday, June 28, 2009

No Way Jose

Jose Reyes, although showing improvement, is still a long way off from joining the Mets lineup.

Reyes took grounders before yesterday’s 5-0 Met loss to the Yankees.

Reyes when speaking of his return said, “I don’t want to get on the field and have a setback again because that’s not going to be good for me. I have to make sure I’m all ready to go. They know what type of game I play. I’m the guy who relies so much on explosiveness, and if I don’t have that, that’s not going to be me.”

The Mets, for once using common sense, are not looking to rush Reyes back, “If I get him back soon, it’s like a bonus for us,” said Manuel, also adding, “You’re talking about an explosive individual trying to be that at 85 percent. That’s a little difficult. It’s probably easier for a guy that’s not that explosive to handle 85 percent than it is Jose Reyes.”

Reyes’ workouts have been increasing, and he spent two hours in the weight room working on his lower body after practicing yesterday. The true sign will be how much discomfort he has this morning after his lengthy workout. Reyes is hoping the Mets will listen to him when he says he’s ready to return. He believes he is at about 85%, which he estimates that he would be able to score from first on a double. At this time, the Mets will hold him back, not letting him return until he is at full strength.

Although there is no date for when he will return, it is expected that he will be out until after the All Star break, which is two weeks from Monday.

Another concern Manuel has is that once he starts getting his big boys back, Beltran, Reyes, and possibly DelGado, that they will try to do too much, thinking it is up to them to turn this team around. He doesn’t want them coming back to all that pressure, and feel they have to do it all.

Ben Shpigel - NY Times

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