Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Omar On WFAN...Same Old Same Old

This afternoon Omar Minaya was a guest of Mike Francesa on WFAN.

Some topics Omar discussed:

Jose Reyes - Omar believes is more than a week away. He seems OK during practice, but when it comes to games, that's when the leg gives him problems.

Carlos Beltran - is on the 15 day DL, but Omar believes it will be longer, possibly after the All Star Break. He is now on crutches, and will use orthotics when he returns to action.

When discussing the injury situation, Omar says he wants to stay competitive and concluded by saying, "Hopefully we'll win some series here and there..." If that doesn't exude confidence...

On trade possibilities: There isn't much out there and more teams are in the race that were expected to be in the selling mode, i.e. the Rockies. He also admitted that the asking price for some players is prohibitive.

Fernando Martinez - Omar thinks F-Mart is ready, and can hit the fastball, but has to prove he can handle off speed pitches. He also declared he believes that Martinez will do better this time with the club. Omar, he was only down three days.

Daniel Murphy - Omar is not disappointed with Murphy thus far. He advised that Murphy is going to learn how to adjust better at the plate, and hit to the opposite field.

The lack of power this team has: He doesn't blame Gil Hodges Memorial Park. He said that the guys are not performing.

David Wright - discussing his lack of power this year, Omar said, "When all is said and done, David Wright will get his homeruns..." Time is running out Omar.

On Jerry Manuel: "Jerry has done a very good job." Hey Omar, I like Jerry, but there is no way you can say he has done a very good job. He has done poorly in managing his bullpen, he hasn't used Ryan Church fairly nor well, and his lack of using Brian Stokes is inexcusable.

On the Minor Leaguers: Omar mentioned that the Minor League system is doing well in terms of talent. He specifically mentioned Brad Holt and Humberto Mejia as good young prospects.

For the full interview with Omar:

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