Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rubin On The FAN

This morning Adam Rubin was a guest of morning host Craig Carton on WFAN.

Rubin's interview reviewed much of what he had in his latest: Adam Rubin - Surfing The Mets.

On John Maine: Rubin said he will probably be activated by Thursday next week. Redding will probably be the odd man out, and possibly be reassigned to the bullpen.

Carlos Beltran: Is looking to get a second opinion from his own doctor. Rubin said the Mets weren't yet informed of this, and Carton asked how this could be made public, but the Mets not informed. Rubin explained he got his information from Beltran's agent, Scott Boras's, people. He went on to say he believes that Beltran will be out a bit longer than the 15 days required with this stint on the DL.

Jose Reyes: Is still having problems and may very well be out many more weeks.

Oliver Perez: When he returns will most likely be put in the bullpen due to how well Fernando Nieve has pitched.

Gary Sheffield: Is not playing today, but expect to play this weekend against the Yankees. He was willing to play in this series against the Cardinals, but it is customary to wait 48 hours after receiving a cortisone shot for his ailing knee.

To listen to Adam Rubin click on link: Adam Rubin On WFAN - June 25, 2009

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