Friday, June 26, 2009

SNY will show a Mets loss

Can wonder ever cease? Fernando Tatis can get a hit with runners on first and 3rd. The Mets can win a series. Now we learn SNY will show a Mets loss. According to Mets classics I did not realize the Mets were capable of losing.

According to SNY will show the first game of the 1969 World Series ono July 18th which will be the first time on that SNY will replay a Mets loss. SNY showed a couple of years ago the '69 World Series games 2-5 and I was like hello its ok to show a loss. It kind of builds the drama especially for game 2. I mean Kooz has to pitch after Seaver lost game 1. Talk about pressure.

Well it is nice to see that in this day and age that reality can set it for a short while. Just make sure that SNY doesn't go overboard with showing all these losses. If there was 1 other loss I would like to see is the Mets first game played that was televised way back in 1962.

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