Thursday, July 23, 2009

Everyone besides Omar thinks the season is over.

Most fans do. The boys on the radio do. We at 24 hours think its hopeless. The SNY guys do there best to keep there mouth shut about it. Why is it that Omar still thinks there is a shot for a team that scores 1 run over 2 games against the 2nd worst team in baseball? The Mets right now are the worst team. They are impossible to watch.

Omar I am sure is just being a good solider. Wants fans to flock to the new park so they can see Wright strikeout, pop out, fly out with runners on. Or maybe Tatis foul out with 2 men on.

Check out this funny bit by Rob Neyer over at to get his take on the Mets and Omar

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metsfan73 said...

Omar is toeing the company line. He is less than honest in regards to personnel, and I wonder if that is because of directives from Jeffy. Last year it was the whole Randolph thing, this year it's Bernazard again, and now 'we're still in it. We're only a few games out of the wild card'. He must be looking at the standing from May.