Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mets might release Redding and sign Lugo. Does any of it matter?

Last night was fun. My brother, not much of a baseball fan was over and he jokingly said the Mets were down 3-0 right after the first pitch. Well he was not far from the truth since that was the score right after the first. Of course that would be ok to lose 3-0 but 11-0 on the day they retire Greg Maddux's number? After he says in his speech lets beat the Mets like old times. Nice! touch!

The NY Daily News mentions that the Mets might release Tim Redding and sign Julio Lugo who was released by the Red Sox. Oh boy . What a difference this will make. Here is an eye opener how about trading Mike Pelfrey. He might get us Tony Pena jr that was just released by the Royals. How about trading Gary Sheffield back to the Tigers for Dontrelle Willis?

Its over folks this team is a wreck. 2 games into the second half that had so much hope after there mini winning streak the team is done. Here is my list who needs to go.

Tony B the Mets Assistant to the GM who controls the minor leagues. Manuel was asked why he has only 4 players on the bench and going with 13 pitchers. Well because the Mets have a baren system. They have no one down there. Nobody!!! By Tony B go mess up somone elses organization.

The scouting department needs to go. They cant find one diamond in the rough? If teams say the Mets have nothing to trade then the scouts have to take some blame.

The medical staff or whoever creates this mantra of dont DL anybody for 7-10 days and let them sit on the bench before we do that. I mean come on if a guy is hurt DL him

I will give Jerry and Omar a pass right now because if all the boys were back and they were over .500 people woujld be ok with everything.

If the Mets want to shake things up they need to do more then get rid of Redding.

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DyHrdMET said...

first, with everyone back, the Mets are barely a + .500 team.

second, as far as who needs to go, my readers on RememberingShea have voted mostly for the Wilpons on who needs to go, though I left out the training staff and "all of the above" from the answers. Omar was second, and I did include Tony B. on the list of choices. Go vote. The poll will be open until someone gets fired.

turning point of the game (remember the contest from Mets Extra, not sure if they still have it) - "And the Mets take the field".