Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mets should take hitting lessons from Castillo and Pagan.

Now that the Halladay rumor is yesterdays news lets talk about something that relevant today. The fact that this team is not hitting. Here are some numbers not including last nights win over the last 30 days.

Wright is hitting .250 with 1 homer and 5 rbi’s. Cora is hitting .200 , Tatis .214, Santos .222, Murphy .205, Reed.167, Schneider .200.

What the Mets need to concentrate is learning again how to hit. I do not want to here the bs about there is no one to protect Wright. The fact they play in the vast expanse of Citi Field. There are small market teams out there that have players that do not have protection and still find away to get on base.

Thankfully fan bashing favorite Luis Castillo is hitting over .300 and Angel Pagan are hitting. Pagan hit a triple the other day and I almost shead a tear. I almost forgot what a triple was with this team. Now why can they hit for an average? Ok maybe these other guys maybe are not the hitters these 2 are but they should be hitting something more then .200.

Maybe the Mets need to start thinking of making a switch in the dugout with HOJO. There is not 1 guy who has blossomed under his reign.

Plus don’t you find it funny that Frenchie is taking lessons from Wright who again last night failed to drive in a run.

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