Thursday, July 2, 2009

No Stock in John Franco’s words

Not sure why Franco who spent more then a decade with the Mets needs to open his mouth in away that just shows how much of individual he was when he with the Mets

Over at the
NY Daily News we here that Franco open his mouth about the team and its lack of leadership. My question is this. How would he know?
Is in the clubhouse or is he just going by what is said in the media? Now of all sudden he believes everything in print? Did he believe what they said about him when he lost his closer job to Armando Benetiez?

Franco needs to pipe down. Sometimes leaders are quiet leaders and others lead by example. Have you heard about Alex Cora? You were such a leader there Mr Franco they dumped you and Mr Leiter because of you going over the managers head and talking to the Brass. Some clubhouse leader you were!

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