Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Reeling While Winning

The Mets tonight defeated the Colorado Rockies 4-0. Mike "Big Pelf" Pelfrey pitched well and the Mets had some key hits.

Off the field, Jeff Wilpon, a day late and a dollar short, offered an apology to NY Daily News writer and Surfing The Mets Blogger, Adam Rubin.

As reported (Omar Drops Bomb...Twice) yesterday, Omar Minaya was way out of hand in putting Mr. Rubin on the spot. Mr. Rubin said he asked how one would go about getting a job in MLB, but never asked to be hired or looked for employment with the Mets.

Omar was very wrong, in a Tony Bernazard sort of way, yesterday, and although I have , for the most part, supported Minaya, he should have been terminated by the Wilpon's prior to tonights game.

Whether Rubin searched for a job with the Mets or not, Omar, as a Mets high ranking employee, should have handled yesterday's press conference with professionalism and class. He did neither. Omar has made the Mets better during his regime, but he can't make good on what he did so bad. The team, until recently has floundered, the Mets don't have a clue as to how to handle the injury situation, and to allow the Bernazard situation linger for a year, is all under his watch.

I, as a fan, was appalled at the lack of class and dignity, and how Omar acted despicably (I hadn't realized Rubin and I had used the same adjective until later), believe there must be a clean break

Right now, I don't know who can replace him, but John Hart is available. Personally I have always been a big fan of Joe McIlvaine. Neither will happen, and I am sad my team has returned to it's embarrassing image circa 1993, but changes are necessary. , First, the Wilpons should sell the team, but if not, they need to make huge changes from top to bottom. Is Jay Horwitz ready to retire?

To hear Wilpon's comments: Jeffy On Omar

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Anonymous said...

Omar must have been out of his skull. his he proving that ny is too tough for him? -maineboy