Friday, July 24, 2009

Some Question The Rash Of Met Injuries

Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran, JJ Putz, Carlos Delgado, John Maine, Billy Wagner…$58.35M in salary this season – all disabled.

What is the cause of all these injuries to just one team? Depends on whom you ask.
Anthony McCarron - NY Daily News, documents that ‘one baseball person with ties to the Mets’ said, "There are a lot of people in the scouting world and the baseball world who wonder what is going on there. Anytime you have that kind of negative publicity about your medical staff, it's not a great reflection of your organization. It's more glaring because they're not playing well.

"Some people have raised their eyebrows."

A large part of the criticism is the manner in which the Mets have dealt with injuries to their players. They have made the wrong choice in whether to shut a player down, or to let him play through an injury. The same anonymous person said, "It's like getting evidence and then ignoring it. If there isn't any trust in that relationship - boy, oh, boy…”

We now all know about how poorly the Mets mishandled Ryan Church’s concussion last year, and this year, it appears that Carlos Beltran wasn’t pleased with the way his injury was handled, prompting Beltran to seek another opinion.

Other players are of a different opinion: JJ Putz said, "The only thing that was a little . . . the fact that they knew about it in May.” Putz continued, "But a lot of that has to do with me being competitive and wanting to be out there. Instead of saying 'Let's just fix it now,' I wanted to try to pitch through it. So I think the blame in that situation has to be on me."

Jose Reyes chimed in, "They did everything possible for me. I tried to play like that and that's when I made it worse. I made that decision because I felt I could help the team and that's when I made it worse."

Delgado, sounding like David Nuke LaLoosh Wright, said, "It is what it is. Injuries are part of the game. Injuries happen. That's as far as I'm taking it. I can't analyze what other people think, what other people feel or see happening. It's been a tough year and you have to deal with it." - another enlightening response from our former 1B.

Putz concluded by offering, "It would be one thing if we had six guys out with a hamstring problem. Then you could look into the conditioning program or something. But it's not just one injury. If you have six pitchers who need Tommy John surgery, then obviously something's wrong in the throwing program.

"I've never seen anything like this before, but the fact that the injuries are different from one another, I don't think you can point the finger at any one person and say, 'This is why this is happening.'"

I will conclude by saying this: the Mets have so mishandled their injuries dating back to, at least, 2005. Whether it was Tom Glavine, Carlos Beltran, and other’s, the Mets tend to leave it up to the player, instead of the advice of their medical staff, if a player should be shut down. Is it the medical staff? I don’t think so. I think it goes further than that. I believe it is the upper management, possibly ownership that is not heeding the advice of their medical staff. The Mets have changed trainers and their medical staff in the last few years, and this problem has been going on longer. The common denominators are upper management and ownership.

To quote the old Channel 11 Editorials, “What’s your opinion, we’d like to know?”


DyHrdMET said...

simple opinion - you're right.

the players should have ZERO say in whether or not they play. Jerry wants to give David Wright a day off, Wright should be in no position to argue. The doctors say that Reyes' leg is injured, he should go on the DL instead of waiting it out. Ownership (Jeffy Wilpon) should not be involved in this - trust the doctors and trust the manager, because the long term health of the investment is far more important than that night's game.

metsfan73 said...
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metsfan73 said...

Amen. It's like the inmates running the asylum. If you read Time For Omar To Take Control, I describe exactly that. The Mets need to take control of their on field and off field issues, and injuries are a byproduct of this.

DyHrdMET said...

"It's like the inmates running the asylum" - the irony is that the people actually running the asylum should be the inmates.

there PROBABLY isn't any real reason WHY the injuries are occuring - that can't entirely be the fault of the training staff. a lot of these are flukes. but they need to be treated properly before they get worse.