Saturday, July 4, 2009

Thank you Ryan Church

As usual the Mets outfielder has been quietly doing his job. He threw an ill advised runner at the plate the other day and is hitting the tar off the ball. Hey David Wright are you listening?

Ryan has been doing a great job being that go to guy when a key hit has been needed. you here that David? Ryan had the game winning hits in the last 2 Mets win. Did you here that.....

Ryan has not been Jerry's favorite this year and its so obvious that the casual Met fan has even noticed Jerry's bias towards Mr Church. Jerry needs to give Mr a Church a huge thank you for hitting lately because with out it the Mets would be on a 8 game losing streak. Some stats below.

In the last month Ryan is hitting .341. In the 3 games in July he is 9 for 13 with 3 rbis and if you include the last 2 games in the awful month of June he is 15 for 22 a .682 clip.

He has not hit for much power but he has learned that going the opposite way is not such a bad thing. Thanks in part to Mr Church the Mets had a mini win streak going. Now lets see them start it again this afternoon!

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Jobu said...

bye, bye Ryan....thanks for the memories.