Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fred Wilpon speaks up . Deny's reports

In a article over at the New York Times Fred Wilpon speaks out in regards to his losses and the possibility of selling the beloved Mets. Much to some Met fans chagrin he doesn't plan on selling the Team.

Wilpon was quoted as saying that his Madoff-related investment losses were “significantly” below $700 million, said the Mets were an “emotional asset” that he was not selling. He said he would not sell even to recoup the money stolen by Madoff.

“My long-term goal has always been to have my son and my grandchildren involved with the Mets, if they choose to be, and Jeff has chosen to be,” Wilpon said. “Would I sell a building on whatever street, in whatever city? I have no problem with that. I have no emotional attachment to them.”

The Mets “are part of our lifestyle, what we feel in our hearts,” he said. “You feel great when they play well, you feel wounded when they’re not. The team is what we want for our next generation. It’s for them.”

The article quotes the president of Major League Baseball Bob DuPuy, that the Mets’ financial reports, which are filed quarterly, like those of other teams, have shown no financial distress or need to worry about the team’s long-term future under the Wilpons.

“It’s business as usual,” DuPuy said. “I’ve only seen distress in the performance on the field and in the injuries. But I’ve seen enormous satisfaction in the reception for the new ballpark, which has generated significant new revenue. I’m confident that the only disappointment for the Wilpons is that they expect a pennant-contending team every year, and they thought they had one at the start of this season.”

Of course there was no questions asking good ole Fred if the losses affected the Mets decision on trading Wagner or not going after even a journeymen pitcher on the loss of Santana and Perez


Anonymous said...

at least the head honcho came out and said it wasn't a problem. that makes a big difference in image (as opposed to remaining silent or sending his son to do the talking)

Anonymous said...

Speaking of his son... I know what he was doing, other than worrying about the trades that may have been made at the deadline!

Anonymous said...

Since trades were farthest from his mind... leading me to believe the organization's as well... I think he's sellin'