Monday, August 31, 2009

Frenchy In The Blogosphere

Mets new RF, Jeff Francoeur, who has endeared himself with Mets fan and teammates alike, is an accomplished writer...well, sort of.

Francoeur has a blog site,
The Official Website Of Jeff Francoeur, where his last entry, August 11th, he speaks about getting used to the change from Atlanta to NY. He speaks of finding a place for he and his wife (along with their three dogs) to live, places he and his wife, Caitie, like to eat, etc.

If you look at some of the photos, you see quite a few of Delta Airlines, along with pictures of Francoeur in a hangar, near planes, etc. It makes me wonder if he is planning a quick escape from NY and the sinking Mets.

Thanks to Mets422 via Twitter for the link.

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Long Island Met Fan said...

hey jeff put a met uni on!