Monday, August 24, 2009

Wagner Trade In Doubt?

Buster Olney - ESPN is reporting that the Red Sox might be wary that Wagner hasn't pitched since Friday. If he doesn't pitch in today's matinee against the Phillies, it might send the wrong message to the Sox.

Wagner was claimed off waivers by the Red Sox last Thursday, and the Mets have until 1PM tomorrow to work out a trade. If not, they can pull Wagner off of waivers, or flat out waive him, where the Red Sox would be responsible for his entire remaining salary.

Questions are starting to arise about Wagner's health, but the Mets say he is fine (what a shocker!). By Major League Rules, the team that presently has the player must pull him back off waivers if injured. Olney notes that if this is the case, and the Mets pull Wagner off waivers, that would kill any deal of him going to Boston.

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sam said...

Love to bet against the Mets all season at Wagner, wakes up to pitch for a horrible team.